Made in Los Angeles


QualityOur Standards are Higher Than Our Heels.

For over 35 years, Reflection Shoes has provided customers with the latest, sexiest high-heeled fashions. We guarantee the quality you deserve. Our handcrafted heels are individually produced from 100% all natural materials. No matter where the night takes you, you’ll see and feel the difference!


DependabilityIndependence Makes Us Reliable.

Reflection Shoes manufacture all the components of our products and shoes are assembled in Sun Valley, California. With all products on a “made to order” basis, we pride ourselves on our items never being “out of stock”. Because our shoes are shipped directly from our manufacturing facility, our pricing is hard to beat and our quality is always unmatched. 


ReputationOften Imitated, Never Replicated.

With countless amounts of industry-leading design, at Reflection Shoes we know that reputations aren't built overnight. In fact, that’s why we have set the standard for the industry. It’s easy to see, and feel, why our shoes are carried by major retailers and distributors across the globe.